Top Stub Checks : the easy to use check

Top stub check designs are a unique type of check design which offers an extremely convenient record keeping area. In top stub checks the transaction can be noted easily without having to go to the end of the checkbook.

Ease of Use

It is useful to keep a record of checks that you write. Later on, a few seconds noting the transaction on the top stub personal check could be invaluable. We all know we should keep records. Top-stub checks makes it much easier to do so.


To order top stub checks all the normal considerations need to be followed in terms of check design and the security of the check. So we suggest you look at a few suppliers and decide where to order top-stub checks with confidence.

Get the details correct

When you order or reorder checks there are some details that you need to get correct. These include, account number, routing and transit number, and next check number. These are discussed in our reordering checks page.

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