Specialized Checks

Check writing can be a convenient way to pay for bill or services, and it decreases the risks associated with carrying large amounts of cash. While cash can be stolen, it is much more difficult to forge a check and steal money from an account with a checkbook. Sometimes, you will have to pay a person or service provider, and they will be unable to accept a personal check or cash. In this situation, there are several kinds of specialized checks that pay similar to a personal check but offer different advantages.

Cashiers Checks

A cashierís check is an often preferred form of payment. To buy a casherís check, you will go to a bank, grocery store, or retailer. You will pay the retailer the full amount you want the cashierís check for, in additional to any small costs they add on to cover printing. The retailer will then issue you a cashierís check for the full amount and addressed to the person you are paying. This method is preferred by many service providers because it ensures they will receive payment. A cashierís check from a respected company can guarantee payment because you have already paid the cashier.

Travelers Checks

Travelerís checks are an interesting form of specialized check preferred by traveling tourists and business people. Travelerís checks are bought from a bank in advance of a trip. They are bought for specific denominations, and people usually buy several different amounts of travelerís checks. Travelerís checks offer the convenience of paying for items while abroad without having to carry a lot of money or cards. This decreases the risk of stolen money. Travelerís checks are signed twice Ė once when they are purchased, and again when they are being given to a service provider. Unused travelerís checks can be returned for cash or deposit to the bank they were purchased from. Various companies offer their own version of travelerís checks. Each company has a different policy for lost or stolen checks. It is important to know your companyís policy on lost or stolen checks, and to keep your checks in a safe place.

Money Orders

Money orders are similar to cashierís checks. They are paid for in advance at a grocery store, bank, or retailer. They usually cost a few dollars, and you will pay this fee in addition to the full amount the money order is to be made out for. Small business, mail order payments, and some utility companies prefer this method of payment because it is safe. When you purchase a money order, the company you give the money order to runs no risk of a returned or bad check. This saves them money and ensures accurate records.

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