Computer Checks: how do you get what you need?

Computer checks let your software program, from Quicken® to large accounting suites and back to Quickbooks®, print out your checks directly. This can help in many ways from record keeping to readability. Printed laser checks will offer the compatibility you need, with ease of use.

Software Compatibility

It is important to make sure that your software is compatible with your printed laser check format. Most laser check forms will be designed to work well with major software brands, for example Peachtree®. Make sure your software is specifically mentioned on the suppliers website. If not ask the supplier directly to make sure.

Printer Type

Mostly requirements will be for inkjet or laser check supplies, although continuous checks are also available. The checks you chose should support your printer type.


You will want to think about the level of security you require. Ensure that your supplier can provide sufficiently secure checks for your printer checks.


The check should have a style that matches your corporate business image and sends the message you want. Our business checks page provides more information.


Is it easy to order checks? Can you reorder very simply by phone, mail and internet?

Price and Delivery

Look at a number of suppliers to find a few that can meet your requirements. Then compare price, delivery and service if possible before selecting you checks for computer printing. You don't just want cheap computer checks, you want a discount computer check that also meets your business requirements. Also, what happens if the checks don't work with your software or printer? Can you send them back?

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