Checks reorder : what do I need to order my personal checks online?

For an easy checks reorder process you need to have the right information at hand. For personal check ordering the information you need is quite simple. (This page applies to the order of personal checks. Look at our business checks page if you want to purchase business checks.)

Routing and Transit Number

This is the number normally furthest to the left on the bottom of the check, on the MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) strip. This is a nine digit number that corresponds to your bank or financial institution.

Account Number

This can also be found on the MICR strip at the bottom of the check and is the number that is generally in the middle. The length of your account number may vary depending on your bank.

Check Number

This is the final number on the MICR strip and may also be on the top right of the check. This must be taken off the last check that you have.

The routing and transit number, and the account number can be used directly when reordering checks. The check number must be modified:

Add one ("1") to the check number to specify the number of the first new check in your order.

You might have a "Reorder Form" from your financial institution, which should have all the information you require on it.

Double check

It's a good idea to recheck the information against a current check one final time, just to be sure you are supplying the correct information.

Then you can decide which check design you want to order or reorder. There are many check designs available from online check order companies. Top Stub Checks and sports checks are just some of the types you can find at online check purchasing sites.

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